Monday, February 1

The White Cycle

Joy Joy Joy…how can we be joyous when all we’ve seen for the last several weeks is white.
With all the colors of the rainbow that he Lord provides for us to see…I think we are stuck in the white cycle.
I got to thinking about how many different colors of white there are, so I looked online at Sherwin-Williams and Bengamin Moore.  These business specialize in color and boy to they.
Sherwin-Williams has 204 and Bengamin Moore has 224 different shades of white.
I found it interesting about why they name the colors as they did.  Here are some of my thoughts.
Sherwin-Williams Extra White – must have a little extra stuff
Nice White – could this one be politer then the others
Simple White – is it easier on the eyes
Smart White – if I ever get to paint an office I’m using this one, it could make me intelligent
Dreamy White & Restful White – will I sleep better if I paint the bedroom with these?

Benjamin Moore
Timid White – this must be shyer then the other whites
Seapearl – wonder if this one is the same as Sherwin’s Oyster White
Pale Oak – would this look like a sick tree?
Ice Mist – must be colder then the rest
Cloud Cover – when there is a cloud cover it is suppose to be warmer so I like this one
Winter White & Winds Breath - OK we know these ones very well.

WHITE,  WHITE,  WHITE, does this make us have a hard time being joyful.
Just think about the white from Psalm 51:7
Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.


Butch said...

It was a good comparision between what you said and what God has made.

Chessy'ville said...

Thanks Butch! I know I can count on you to help give me ideas. I don't know if I tell you all my prayers but I've been praying about this for well over a year. Thanks for being a great friend let alone a wonderful husband that is a gift from God. I love you.