Wednesday, July 20

Fluttering Butterflies

On my way to and from work there are many little yellow butterflies fluttering around the road. Up and down, to and fro in what seemed like a meaningless flight. I wondered what they must think when my car went zooming through. Have I altered their way, changing their flight pattern? Sure, I can see them in my review mirror trying to recover from the “whoosh” that I created. Now I’m the type of person who in no way shape or form, wants to create a “whoosh” for anybody, including butterflies.

My drive to work is a time for me to pray and get my mind ready for the day. So when I broke the butterflies out of their formation, I thought, what if my just said prayer is just fluttering around out there? Did someone else’s prayer create a “whoosh” as it zipped by, blowing mine all around not making it to its final destination? Oh the questions that came racing to my mind. Was the other person’s prayer more prayerful then mine? Does their prayer have a faster connection speed to the Lord then the one I just prayed? Were my words not thought out enough, was I rambling, did He hear me? Was it from the heart or just from my head? Gosh should re-pray and send it up again?

Whoa, Peggy breathe…

Remember, James 1:6

~ When you ask for something, don’t have doubts. A person who has doubts is like a wave that is blown by the wind and tossed by the sea. ~

I know that my prayer was not filled with doubt. It’s not fluttering around like those little yellow butterflies. My faith tells me that the prayer went straight to where it was sent and on a faster connection speed that any super computer can go. Why? I know that my Lord is the biggest super computer around, not even the faster computer can get the information out before the information is put in.

Now that’s a capital “WHOOSH”…

As I continue down the road, there is a yellow spot. Hmmm, I wonder if that poor little butterfly might represent a prayer that was prayed but the answer was, No. Well Lord, if that was my prayer and you said No, please help me remember that I live for Your will not my will, I know Father knows best.

Fluttering ‘till He comes!

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