Tuesday, February 18

Falling Off the Side

Falling Off the Side

Many years ago when I was just a new member of the church, one of the wonderful ladies and I were replacing the tablecloth on the communion table after a rehearsal.  When she laid it on the table she stepped back looking at the cloth and made a simple comment,

     “Oops, one of the disciples has fallen off the side!”

You see the crocheted cloth that our weekly communion sat upon depicted the Last Supper. When I looked the cloth was longer on one side then the other and one of the twelve was hanging off the longer side.

     I replied, “Well, that must be Judas.”

We just laughed straighten up the cloth and headed home.

I think about that conversation often wondering how many times over the years I've “fallen off the side.” I know its many more times then I care to admit. What can I do to change my disobedience? NOTHING, I'm human and I'm a sinner. I AM A SINNER!

(Here is where I wish I would do a video blog):
You’d see me getting mad at me…arguing with myself as if I was looking in a mirror.
    Peggy, “What in the world did you do that for?” 
    Peggy, “I don’t know it just happened.”
    Peggy, “Well, that was really stupid!”
    Peggy, “I know, I know!”
So on and so forth, not making any sense at all.

As I write this, the song Your Grace Still Amazes Me is playing.  Grace, that’s a word that I have a hard time understanding. Why would he offer me, a sinner, Grace? He’s telling me, “It is okay, I've got your back and I still love you.” He reminds me that when I fall off the side, He is always there helping me get back on, no matter how far I’ve fallen off.

Scriptures tell us about Jesus’s forgiveness but did he forgive Judas Iscariot, the person who ultimately betrayed Him?  I can’t tell you but there are many theories whether He did or didn’t.  Luke 23:34 states, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  Was that just for the people standing there? I certainly pray not. Falling off the side has given me many bumps, bruises, and scars but I’m thankful to have the reminders. Why? 
Those reminders keep me focused on the One and Only, Jesus Christ.  
P.S. Oh yes, I really do argue with myself, just ask Butch. He has seen it and of course he does just what a wonderful Christian husband would do…Laughs and tells me that I am right! 
Husbands, go figure! LOL

Always Singin' for Him

Monday, January 13

In Flight

Leaving the Omaha airport was bright, even though night was still upon me. The yellow lights, which they probably call amber, were softened by the clearest blue ones.  I don’t know how the pilots get to the right lane to take off, but they do and we did.

Omaha’s lights from the sky make me feel almost upside down. You know when you live in a place and there are no barriers from looking at God’s starry sky? Well this felt the other way around, staring at all lights below while being in the dark sky above.

Then “poof” into the soft cloud for just a minute feeling like we were inside the fluffiest pillow you could imagine. Then the dawn popped up on the horizon of the cloud, beautiful. What an awesome view of God’s Glory. I caught myself humming “Your Name”. 

“As morning dawns and evening fades
You inspire song of praise
That rise from earth to touch Your heart
and glorify Your Name”

Now as I’m looking over the huge white pillow below I think of my old picture of Heaven…everyone on their own little cloud, floating around and around, hoping not to be bounced off the edge if by chance one cloud would bump into another.  Now I know by my faith, how glorious those streets of gold will be.  Awesome Father, just awesome!